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Updated on January 04, Music is the all-time remedy whether you are having a bad day or just wanna feel some emotion via song. We all need music in our life, and mobile app technology has brought it on our fingertips.

How to add lyrics to a song on android

However, some people are just not content with the music itself, so the apps providing the lyrics are fantastic for the music lovers who take songs by the heart. There are plenty of applications available in store offering the song lyric services. But finding the best among the crowd is a challenging task, don't worry we did that for you. The music app offers One-tap access to related tracks, song lyrics, video clips, and streaming services, which can be added to the music list and even can be bought.

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Lyrics Mania is the app that you need to connect with your song perfectly. This song lyric app is a perfect clone of the Musixmatch application, but the things have been implemented in a better way in Lyrics Mania. You will find every feature in the app; right from automatic lyrics grabbing to Music ID everything is here, Lyrics Mania got everything you need.

You can also trend songs in charts option available in the app. This music lyrics app is crafted for the lyric lovers to enjoy each moment in the song. Genius is an outstanding lyric provider; however, it doesn't have an inbuilt music player. It displays the lyrics of the songs playing on the other app like Musixmatch. The only attribute that makes it a noticeable one among the herd is it aims to deliver the background story of the songs.

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Genius is the biggest music IQ community containing the music lover as well as the professional artist. Genius is compatible with most of the music player to provide song lyrics. Musixmatch is one of the best lyrics app available in the market right now. The user can search for the lyrics from the huge database of the app that runs into millions.

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It can also be synced for lyrics with music platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more. The feature that sets it apart from other similar apps is that it can translate the song lyrics for the user on the go. This feature lets people from different regions of the world to understand and learn the songs. Musicmatch app can be connected to wearables and TV streaming devices like Android Wear and Chromeset. If one is ready to step up to the premium package, he will get the added features like party mode, offline lyrics, and ad removal.

6 Best Lyrics Apps for Android

The party mode feature lets the user sing along to a song with word by word syncing. If you have used a lyric app earlier, you must be aware of how lyric showing system works. Only the song you are playing either on an inbuilt music player or any other music app, the app fetches the lyrics of that song.

It means you have to download or fetch the lyrics of each song individually; pretty tedious task, isn't it? Even the Musixmatch also download the lyrics of the song you are playing currently. However, this is where Quick lyrics scores. After installation, the music lyric app scans the entire music library and finds the precise lyrics over the database. Then the Quick lyrics fetch all the lyrics of the songs that can be accessed anytime. It also solves the problem of internet dependability no requirement of the internet after downloads.

Sometimes, to give an extra edge, the developers add a bundle of features to the app and end up making a messy app. It leads the developers to lose focus on the primary function.

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But, the Lyrics Grabber app is the best example of simplicity. This lyric app does not have too many functionalities like Musixmatch and other apps, but it does the intended job perfectly and quickly.

The user can find the lyrics of a song quickly and with ease, without much distraction. Lyrics Grabber app quickly fetch the lyrics of the song playing on the phone and show the list of all the songs available on your phone. The app will automatically fetch the lyrics of each song present on the device. Much like other lyrics app, Lyrics Finder also fetches you the lyrics of your favorite tracks.

The app has separate sections for artists and albums which let the user manage the song selection better. Shazam is another world popular lyrics app for Android and is used by an over million folks around the globe. Shazam is completely free and conveniently easy-to-use app. You can download Shazam for free and listen to any songs you like along with reading its lyrics. Shazam has a lot of amazing features and some of the key features are given below. Lyricsmint is the most popular lyrics app used by Bollywood fans for Hindi songs.

Having the largest lyrics collection for Hindi songs, made it famous for most of the Indians. You must give it a try if you are a Bollywood music fanatic. Lyrically is not a big lyrics app like the others but is a great app none the less. Having a simple design to the app it is very easy to use. It is powered by Wikia. It is a crowdsourced Lyrics App for Android where lots of people contribute Lyrics to a song. Even you can share your lyrics on Lyrically.

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Genius is an amazing lyric app, with a library of over 1. A top pick for a user and has great features too. QuickLyric is another great lyrics app and is and is very precise and convenient. It works with most of the players like Spotify, google play music, iTunes, etc. Having a lot of features it is a great pick for being a fluid lyric app. Lyrics Mania is a music player and a lyric app at the same time. Having both the features you can listen to music and get your lyrics in this music player.