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No matter what Win10 says, this tool will block an update dead in its tracks -- but watch out.

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You need a second hard drive -- internal, external, or over a network -- with enough free space to store your backups. You can click on More Options to add more folders. After that, backups happen "automagically. You can get to versions of the files made long, long ago. When you empty the Windows Recycle Bin, files aren't destroyed; rather, the space they occupy is earmarked for new data. If you delete files on an SD card using a phone or tablet, heaven help ya! Undelete routines scan the flotsam and put the pieces back together. As long as you haven't added new data to a drive, undelete almost always works; if you've added some data, there's still a good chance you can get back most of the deleted stuff.

Install all your programs with Ninite

The operating system report for Win10 includes details such as your Windows Update status, antivirus in use, scheduled tasks,. Net Framework versions installed, and much more. Unlike other examining programs, Speccy makes it easy to output reports, including free website posting. Revo Uninstaller well and truly uninstalls desktop programs, and it does so in an unexpected manner. Revo will also uninstall remnants of programs that have already been uninstalled.

Revo consults its own internal database for commonly-left-behind bits and roots those out as well. Windows 7 had a decent -- but not perfect -- backup and restore function. Win10 has brought it back, but many people complain about it. You can see the old Win7 backup in Win10 by typing backup in the Cortana search box. They all have good and bad points. By default, it runs full backups once a week, with differential backups every 30 minutes.

I first used EaseUS to swap out my C: It worked well and was reasonably easy to decipher, so I recommended it to the crowd on AskWoody. Positive reports all around. Remember that backing up is only half the battle. You need to test the backup to make sure it works. I still use File History recommendation No. Autoruns not only lists autorunning programs, it lets you turn off individual programs. There are many minor features, including the ability to filter out Microsoft-signed programs, a quick way to jump to folders holding autostarting programs, and a command-line version that lets you display file hashes.

Process Explorer tells you which files are currently open by what program. That feature alone has saved me half a head of hair because once identified by Process Explorer, the process that has locked up your file can be killed. Process Explorer also gives you full information on all the svchost processes running on your PC. That accounts for the other half ahead. Mouse over a process, even a generic svchost, and you can see the command line that launched the process, the path to the executable file, and all of the Windows services in use.

Right-click and you can go online to get more information about the executable. Where does all the drive space go? Pick up a free copy of WinDirStat , and find out -- quickly and accurately. Delete files directly from WinDirStat, or fire up File Explorer to delete from a more traditional point of view.

Free, open source, fast, bulletproof.

How to Install Firefox mobile OS on Windows PC

Nothing to install. Meaningful Help info. What more could you ask for? There are several free-for-personal-use antivirus products worthy of your attention: Avast now owns AVG. All of them except Bitdefender are available on Ninite. Your antivirus product watches everything you do.

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Some — perhaps all — of the free antivirus packages track your activity, and the vendor sells your history to advertisers. Hello, Cortana! The others may. No doubt you already have an antivirus program. As mentioned in the previous slide, I use Windows Defender, which comes baked into Win10, but there are many good alternatives. Malwarebytes is different. The free-for-personal-use version is designed to be run manually; I run mine once a week.

Pocket: Firefox

Microsoft wants you to use its new Edge browser. For some, Edge may be all you need. Your main options:. Microsoft has put it out to pasture. So should you. I use LastPass religiously, in all my browsers, on all my computers: LastPass keeps track of your user IDs, passwords, and other settings; stores them in the cloud; and offers them to you with a click. LastPass does its one-way salted AES encrypting and decrypting on your PC, using a master password you have to remember. I prefer the desktop version of Dropbox, which integrates into File Manager.

Everybody and his brother wants to offer you free cloud storage these days. Thumbnail comparison: Dropbox syncs with your computer remarkably well; for all intents, it works exactly like a File Manager folder see screenshot , with solid security, easy operation, amazing reliability, and integration with many programs including Office. The current version of OneDrive has all sorts of implementation and interface problems, reliability is a major concern, and Microsoft has already reneged on storage promises. Google Drive space gets swallowed up by saved Gmail attachments, but the tools are best of breed.

I use Google Drive for photos see my later recommendation. Mega is excellent, supersecure, somewhat limited in features, but is getting better. Like you, I spent years struggling with PC-based email: All of the email services are free for personal use, and come attached to more expensive packages GSuite, Outlook , among others for organizations. As of early , Google no longer snoops on the contents of messages to offer up customized ads -- although there continue to be questions about third-party app access to mail.

Flipping to online email will add years to your life. The only question is which service to use. The front-runners, Gmail and Outlook. Both have so many capabilities that nobody uses more than a tiny fraction. Microsoft counters by saying they have inbox organization by custom categories, there are time-based rules, and Outlook. Log on to gmail. Both run inside your favorite web browser.

The big trick? To get started, go to the Office home page , avoid the temptation to sign up for an Office free trial at the top, and look further down for the free online apps. If you are a professional photographer, need fancy touch-up tools and extremely high-definition archival storage, or have to set up paid downloading services, you need a more capable option.

But for almost everybody, Google Photos is a category killer. Yes, free. Apps for iOS, Android, and all the major browsers on any platform. You can set Google Photos to automatically upload pics from your phone or Wi-Fi-enabled camera. Google Photos automatically analyzes every picture. Face recognition is built in though it can be turned off. The organization and analytical capabilities are breathtaking: Of course, Google keeps track of everything you post and uses the info to serve ads, but that's the price you pay.

I use it exclusively for videos, but I only use the desktop version. Home Support Tools. For the most up-to-date firmware files, click HERE. This tool is now available in Linux and Windows version. Please follow the instructions included in the ZIP file to install and use the application.

Best free apps for Windows 10

The phonebook has many functions. Users can add contacts by clicking on the import button and also save the phonebook by using the export button. Users can also add a new phonebook, batch add contacts and groups, and move contacts into different groups. The phonebook can be also be uploaded to the phone through Httpd.

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The Universal Phonebook Editor is a convenient, compact and powerful tool. It provides a one-stop control for devices, video recording and alarm events. Powerful features, yet easy to use design, make this a total solution package when combined with Grandstream IP surveillance products and 3rd party sensors. Calculate the distance to place the camera to capture a specific scene with fixed focal length. To watch the video stream online using the web configuration interface, users would need to install additional plugins for the web browser.

We have release a new beta plugin to support all models of surveillance on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Support Forum. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. Chosen solution The very low market share with Windows Phones makes it not worthwhile to dedicate essential resources and money to make a mobile Firefox version for such devices. Read this answer in context 5.