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Thank You! Polo Assn. Dairy Products. Oral Care. Men's Grooming. Feminine Hygiene. First off, we love that the phone detects the carrier from the SIM and configures the phone silently-- you don't have to do a thing nor does the phone have to reboot after self-configuration like Windows Mobile unlocked phones with configuration wizards. Put in your SIM, boot up the phone and it's all just working. Change to a different carrier and the phone automatically configures data and MMS connections for the new carrier. Voice quality and reception are top notch, as usual for Nokia S Some folks on forums have mentioned 3G reception niggles, but our 2 units have stable and strong 3G as well as EDGE connections.

Should the phone drop to EDGE in a spotty 3G coverage area, it will bounce back to 3G quickly at least on our two phones. Voice is clear with good volume on both ends of the conversation, eliciting the usual "Is that a Nokia?

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Bluetooth headsets work well with the phone, getting a bit better than average range. The Plantronics Discovery sounded superb and reached 18 feet, while the Jawbone reached 24 feet. The Nokia has voice dialing that works with Bluetooth headsets, but as we've found with other Nokia S60 phones, it isn't reliable or accurate with headsets o when speaking to the phone itself. The E71 has a good speakerphone that's fairly loud, and support for standard call features like call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID control. Anorexic smartphone: Nokia's WebKit browser uses some of the same technology as Safari on the iPhone, and is the second best browser on the market after the iPhone's.

It's fast, it has excellent desktop fidelity, it handles frames and Javascript including dHTML and it's got one up on the iPhone: Speaking of Flash, the E71 supports the full desktop version of YouTube, with reasonable frame rates and little to no stuttering for buffering on WiFi or strong 3G see video below for a demo.

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While playback quality wasn't an issue, some videos crash the browser, putting an occasional damper on the experience. Nokia's usual email client is on board, with support for corporate push email. Business email support is extensive: Nokia recently announced that it won't be offering BlackBerry connect for the E71, E66 or future phones-- sorry CrackBerry addicts.

But you can get push email along with calendar, contacts and tasks syncing via MS Exchange. Nokia has just rolled out a beta push email client for the E71 along with a few other phones, and the application has a nice desktop metaphor that makes email management more pleasant. It targets folks who don't have an enterprise push solution or access to corporate push email, and it's free during the beta period Nokia hasn't announced the cost when it's out of beta, but it will be subscription-based pricing.

No lag here. Last generation S60 phones had a tiny bit of lag to a pronounced delay, depending on the phone model. The E71 is extremely responsive and fast overall. Folders open without delay, windows scroll and switch immediately. Good going, Nokia. The E71 runs on a MHz single core ARM family processor, and though that lacks the dual-core multimedia punch of the N95 family, there's no visual tardiness here.

Nokia offers a 3D driving game called Global Race: Raging Thunder for free download direct to the phone look in the downloads folder , and that game runs quickly and smoothly. The d-pad is perfect for action and racing games-- making the E71 good for fun as well as business.

The E71 has megs of RAM with 71 megs free to run programs and it supports demand paging for better memory management. There are megs of available flash memory for file storage, and you can expand that with microSD cards, including SDHC high capacity cards. We tested an 8 gig Kingston and 4 gig SanDisk card, both of which worked perfectly. We've already covered streaming YouTube, playback of locally stored video content and gaming. Let's look at that gorgeous display: It's easy enough to read text and images, though we wished for the Nokia N95 8 gig's larger display when watching videos the larger the better for video playback!

Images taken with the camera look really crisp and colorful-- we wish they looked nearly as good when viewed on a desktop computer. As with most recent E and N series phones, the E71 has a brightness sensor that sets screen brightness relative to ambient light and this controls keyboard backlighting as well.

Brightness control isn't too exuberant, and we were rarely bothered by backlight fluctuations you can disable the light sensor if you wish. Nokia includes a stereo earbud headset that plugs into the 2. Sound quality is plenty good, though it doesn't best the Nokia N78 or N95, members of Nokia's "multimedia computer" line. There's also an FM radio that uses the included wired headset as its antenna.

The E71 sounded very good with the Plantronics Pulsar in our tests, and had excellent range. The GPS has come a long way since the Nokia N95 and E90, neither of which are fast at locking onto satellites even with the latest firmware updates. The E71 gets a cold fix indoors within 8 feet of a window in under a minute and latches onto 5 to 6 satellites.

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Very good. This is one of the first Nokia S60 phones to ship with Maps 2. Nokia charges a monthly fee for spoken turn-by-turn directions while basic Google Maps-like features are free. You can map any location in 2D, 3D and satellite view, map any contact in your address book, and POIs. Unlike Google Maps, you can download the free Nokia Map Loader program for Windows and download maps from anywhere in the world to the phone or a microSD card. POI searches use the data connection even if you've downloaded maps to the phone-- keep that in mind when traveling internationally.

There's traffic information for Europe but not the US. The E71 runs Symbian OS 9. This is a multi-tasking and open operating system, and there are a variety of 3rd party applications, both free and commercial, available for download. The selection isn't as deep as Windows Mobile and Palm OS, but the consolation is that the phone ships with most bases covered. QuickOffice can read, edit and write MS Office documents with excellent fidelity, but you'll have to pay an upgrade fee if you want MS Office format support. You can download the basic version of WorldMate using the phone's download application, along with advanced call manager handy for rejecting calls from your least favorite persons , Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!

Go and more. Mac users can download Nokia's free iSync plugin , which worked fine with our Mac running Leopard. Now for the grim section: Maybe after a firmware update Nokia often tweaks the camera in their free firmware updates , but as it stands, photos are noisy with shifty color balance.

We weren't thrilled with the Nokia E66's camera either, though it too should have been good. Now we have seen worse photos, but we don't think we're being picky when we complain about noise in outdoor shots. Large same-color masses like a car's hood, show noise outdoors in good light particularly noticeable if the car is black , color balance is sometimes spot-on, and other times too warm red-brown bias while at other times too cool magenta bias. Detail is good, though it can be lost when using desktop image noise reducers.

Max photo resolution is x , and there are a variety of lesser resolutions. Given the large number of pixels you have to work with, the consolation is that once you color correct and size down the image to x or less, they do look nice.