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Even if you use HERE maps the search results come from Google, as does the traffic data and street view. The traffic information is more detailed than the traffic info from HERE maps as it goes down to local street level and not just the main roads. There are 3D maps and a compass mode plus there is a voice search and voice commands and you can pin a live tile for quick access to voice commands.

The app is free from the Windows Store with in-app purchase to remove the ads and works with Windows Phone 8.

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Search for: Tweets by isdixon. Sign up for free. As many users have pointed out, Google Maps works just fine on Internet Explorer for the desktop. Microsoft's official comment is that Internet Explorer 10 uses the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.

Maps App for Windows

If IE 10 can render a page, Windows Phone 8 should be able to render that page equally well. Believe it or not, this is still in line with Google's own comments on the matter.

The desktop version of Internet Explorer serves the standard version of Google Maps without a problem at all. This is about the mobile website.


When I tried to explain the situation yesterday, I failed to properly clarify that this is not about whether or not Internet Explorer is capable of displaying Google Maps. Instead, it's about Google's decision not to support non-WebKit mobile browsers. To wit, changing the user agent on the Windows Phone simulator to something that doesn't say Windows Phone or identifies itself as Internet Explorer for Windows Phone renders the desktop version of Google Maps without a problem. I should also clarify that Google is going one step further and also blocking access from the "desktop" mode on Windows Phone.

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To me, this is going too far. It's one thing to not support the mobile view; it's another to remove to ability to access the site even with the desktop view in place. Windows Phone isn't the only mobile platform that is experiencing redirects from Google Maps. I also re-confirmed these results with a user agent switch on a desktop browser.

This is despite the fact that Firefox uses the Gecko rendering engine, not WebKit. The last time I tested Firefox for Android back in June, I ran across a number of different errors accessing Google-specific mobile pages. It remains to be seen if Google will continue to support its WebKit-only views on Firefox for Android in the future. While I respect Google's right to block mobile access from non-WebKit browsers, I do wish the company would have chosen to follow its own best practices when doing these redirects.

According to its own best practices , Google discourages user-agent sniffing to control what type of website is displayed. Instead, Google and other web experts recommend that web developers detect for specific feature support, rather than the user agent.

It's Not Just Windows Phone