Ios 7 notification center not working after jailbreak

Follow these steps to access the file on your iPhone:.

SSH into your device from a computer. For instructions on how to SSH to the iPhone click here. To switch directories, enter the following command at the prompt:. Any idea of how to fix this exact problem with a phone that is no longer jail broken? This problem has haunted me for a few phones now.

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Get iOS 8’s Notification Center on iOS 7 with this slick jailbreak tweak

How to Jailbreak iOS 8. Add new comment Comments Been searching for this fix for weeks. Thank you!!! Thank You very much!!!

Worked perfectly! It worked perfectly, mate Thank you very much! You will be better off at hiding that. That, and a lot more, is what BetterNC7 promises and delivers.

How to Fix iOS 10 Problems (Jailbreak Edition)

Tweaks like BetterNC7 remain one of the primary factors or motivators behind people opting for jailbreak solutions. Then, Apple, too, has taken hint from Cydia tweaks in the past as to what people want, and maybe, as we see more iterations and evolution of the iOS ecosystem, Apple will begin introducing such controls on its own.

Search Cydia for BytaFont 2 to download and install it for free. As you might expect, the first thing jailbreak app developers went for was the new Control Center in iOS 7.

Get iOS 8's Notification Center on iOS 7 with this slick jailbreak tweak | Cult of Mac

A bunch of different tweaks and apps already exist to customize Control Center, but our favorite is CCControls. It has a ton of options: It's also very easy to use so you don't have to spend a ton of time setting it up. Search Cydia for CCControls to download and install it for free. Just as you'd expect, CCHide allows you to remove different settings from Control Center, remove entire sections, and basically shrink down Control Center to just the options you want.

How to Fix Notification Center Weather After Jailbreaking iOS 7

It's simple, but does the job it sets out to do. One note though: You can quickly delete all kinds of things that waste space, like message attachments, Safari cache, application cache, and more. It's not officially available for iOS 7 yet, but you can check out the beta right now. Since it is in beta, you'll use it at your own risk, so be careful what you do with it and don't delete anything you need.

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Add the exile90software. With it, you can copy, paste, and move files around, edit text files, import files onto your iOS device, upload them, and more.

Basically, iFile is Finder for your iPhone, and it's good to have it around when you need it. Search Cydia for iFile to download and install it. The new app switcher in iOS 7 makes it so it's difficult to bulk quit apps.

Fix a Few System Settings in iOS 10

If you want to quit all your apps at once, Switch Spring ties that action to swiping up on your home screen when you're in the app switcher. When you do that, you're given the option to quit apps or restart the device.