Mobile phone agriculture developing countries

Programs such as Tigo Kilimo in Tanzania give small-scale farmers instant weather information combined with appropriate agricultural tips. The World Cocoa Foundation created this program to provide free voice and SMS text messages about farm safety, child labor, health, and improvements in farming practices, crop disease prevention, and crop marketing.

Farmers receive messages in English or their local language. Suzannah Schneider Suzannah employs food as a fun, delectable, and crucial way to change the world. Her academic arenas include the history and social implications of veganism, drinking water psychology, and streamlined sustainability. You can find her on Twitter suzieaprovecha. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log In Account.

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This system can best impact agriculture development, through it, farmers can have relevant informations on quality input, weather conditions, market tendency, also according to their zone and type of crop produce farmers can benefit quality and adapted advise on good agricultural practices through short message services SMS. Smartphones and their applications are innovations bringing good solution for agriculture development in other to help farmers to have acces to relevant informations.

It participate in the amelioratiton of agriculture extension work and advisory services. In Africa rural areas, this innovation is limited due to their expensiveness, to poor or absence of internet connection and farmers insufficiant knowledge on their utilisations.

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From these constraintes, innovators should think of alternatives that can best help farners and that is adapted to Africa rural areas such as development of tools easily accessible through simple phone that is provision of relevant informations through sms and the USSD code system. Skip to main content.

Toggle navigation. By using a communication technologies farmers can increase their product and their income. In the perspective of the mobile phones farmers can directly communicate with buyers and customers for sell their produce in good price. Furthermore, in remote areas farmers are still facing many problems in use of technologies due to lack of infrastructure and awareness among farmers community.

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Most of the farmers depend on old traditional methods and use same methods in agriculture. Lack of knowledge, illiteracy and trainings can improve the conditions of farmers in their areas for the development of agriculture.

Five Ways Cell Phones are Changing Agriculture in Africa

Mobile phone technologies have provided a good plat form for farmers to share their knowledge and information among each other on the time such as market rates and weather information in developing countries Munyua, , Lehr, Material and Method The quantitative method was used for data collection. The survey method was adopted for data collection by using the questionnaire. The convenience sample approach was used for getting the information regarding use of internet on mobile phones.

Main purpose of use of Mobile phones and Mobile phones saved time and money. The SPSS 21 version was used for data analysis of this study. Demographic Profile of Respondents The result indicated that male respondents participated in this study. The respondents were also asked about their marital status the result showed that majority The information about the respondents education level were revealed that Table 1: Demographic profile of respondents - continued Matric 37 However, the respondents were investigated about contact with agriculture officer about agriculture problem majority Furthermore, farmers were also were not taking any risk to use new seeds in their fields.

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However, result showed that only 4. It showed that the farmers who were more educated were aware about the benefit of this technology and were communicated with agriculture and metrological officers for getting the update of weather as well as diseases of agriculture and use of pesticides in their farms refer table 2. Table 2: Main purpose of use of Mobile phones Variables Frequency Percentage do you have your own mobile phone yes It showed that most of the farmers use mobile phones only communicate with their friends and family but they did not communicate with any customers, brokers for sell their product in market with good price.

However, only few farmers whose education level was good to communicate with market people and get latest information of different crops from market. Furthermore, farmers indicated that where they go hundred kilometres to sell their product in market now they sell their production on the spot. Table 3: Mobile phones saved time and money Mobile have increased your income yes 30 The result showed that the respondents whose education was not high also use the internet on mobile phone and search different things for their entertainment.

Five Ways Cell Phones are Changing Agriculture in Africa – Food Tank

Some of them read the online newspapers and magazines on internet. However, These are the respondents whose education is informal and have no any knowledge and information about use of the internet. These respondents only use mobile phones to communicate with friends and family.

In this perspective it was clear that most the respondents whose education level was more than matric were using the Facebook on mobile phone and communicate with their friends. It was clearly showed that majority of the respondents were unaware about the proper use of internet on mobile phone only just they use social media websites. Furthermore, it was showed that most of the farmers only use internet for Facebook use. The respondents whose education was high some time use to search the weather information on internet.