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Icloud issue lang sanaaaaaa o kaya connect to itunes. Hello fellow graduates!!! Yes, batchmate po tayo! Hehe As I have also achieved a personal milestone in earning my second stripe, here are the graduation promos available here in Naga that you can also consider for this important celebration for you and your family and friends.

Your milestone deserves a celebration! Avenue Plaza Hotel has the perfect Graduation blowout just for you. Feast on a gastronomic getaway of your choice of menu set carefully prepared by our culinary team. Have your tables reserved now! Summer !!! Bookmark this page now!

Reserve a slot now by visiting Apicius at the 3rd Floor of Luzonian Bldg. Your culinary career starts here, visit www. Ram and Myka will be coming to you this Summer !! Class Schedule to be posted soon! Get connected to be It's hot in the Philippines most of the time but there's still something about summer that makes it a season to look forward to. The backdrop is more vibrant and the skies appear to be more blue.

Every year, Havaianas is front and center in officially welcoming the most beautiful season. On March 11, , everyone is invited to join in the fun of wearing Havaianas wherever you're headed to!

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As we say hello to brighter and more laid back days, Havaianas is treating you to a full day of festivities and special offers: Life is truly better in flip-flops and Havaianas is giving you a sweet deal so you can grab a new pair for the summer season. Too busy to go out? Get your flip-flop fix at shophavaianas.

Free shipping on all orders just on National Flip-Flops Day. For 2 regular priced pairs or Php 1, For the full mechanics and updates regarding National Flip-Flops Day, check out HavaianasPhilippines on facebook, and havaianasphils on Twitter and Instagram with the nationalflipflopsdayph hashtag. To shop online, visit www. Naga City, Philippines - The social media is a massive source of information for your next travel destination. Giving out these travel guides come with a great responsibility on reminding how important it is to travel responsibly. While I have my NcdEcoblog series, I know it's not enough to share to everyone that there are lots of things to do for our environment.

As a blogger, I share my travel photos and itineraries for people to visit and let everyone realize how blessed we are that we have a rich province and region. While showcasing these tourist destinations it is never intended to tell everyone that we can do whatever we like without thinking about the consequences. But unfortunately, there are souls who do unthinkable acts that destroy the beauty and tranquility of our tourist spots. I despise people who carve their names on trees, vandalize wall of rocks and stones, drop garbage at freewill and many other unacceptable acts.

Last year of April, I already made a blog post on pledging that I will keep our tourist spots clean. This year, together with the Bicol Bloggers, we aim to strengthen that cause to travel responsibly and use our online social media presence to reach as many people as we can. Now here are my tips on how to travel responsibly. Thankfully, traveling responsibly has been in my system ever since I was a child plus I have an environmentalist mom.

These tips cover all the aspects of how we travel day in and out. Bring your own water bottle. It doesn't only save the environment but it also saves you from spending for a bottled mineral water. Plus, your own bottle will lessen your chance of throwing or leaving it accidentally especially when almost empty. It's almost always okay to leave it behind because at the back of your mind you can just buy another one because it's cheap. When the water bottle is yours and have been one of your essentials with lots of memories with it, there's a greater possibility that you won't just leave it behind at all cost.

Imagine leaving a bottle of mineral water anywhere near Colasi Falls left photo , not a good sight, really. Use eco-bags or reusable bags. We can never totally do away with plastic and there are things that needs to be placed in a container made of plastic. In reality, we are in a third world country and plastics are affordable for most of us Filipinos. But when we are talking about the secondary packaging, let's say a microwavable container then you'll put it in a plastic bag.

Why not use an eco-bag or paper bag as a secondary packaging, right? In this way we are reducing the use of plastic little by little. Souvenirs play a good symbolism and memory of your trip but do not buy products from endangered species, artifacts and the like.

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  5. Buy and EAT local because locals know best. It's pointless if you will and you traveled a long way just to eat in the same fastfood chain? Oh c'mon go explore and be surprised. Not only that we support the local economy but this is a better way of helping the locals rather than giving out alms especially to the beggars. Sometimes its even better to purchase from the small players other than the too commercialized products.

    If possible, r efuse plastic bags when buying from stores or souvenir shop. If your bags are with you, put them in your bags instead. Pack smart and this is also a skill that we must learn whenever we travel. Biniribid, a local kakanin and common meryenda or dessert for Bicolanos for only P6 to P8.

    Reduce your carbon emissions. The main human activity that produces CO2 are electricity, transportation and industries. We all contribute to using these three right? Even though you check-in in a hotel and you are paying for a price, traveling responsibly will mean turning off the lights and AC when not in use go out for a stroll but for hotels and inns with a centralized key card, everything will be shut down once you pull the key card off the socket. Along with transportation , if your destinations have short distances plus weather is good, it will be nicer to travel by foot instead of driving around.

    Perfect example is in Baguio City, if you are in the downtown area, better walk than drive, you'll just find a hard time parking and traffic will just give you a migraine. You just have to plan your trip well prior to your visit. Again the internet is a very good source of travel guides that you can follow from point A to B, C and so on.

    Don't forget the mobile apps that you can also download before traveling. Reduce throwing non-bio packagings. When visiting an island or beach resort, most people leave behind packagings of soap or shampoo after bathing in fresh water. In my case, I used the ones I got from hotel accomodations. See, they have purpose. Read about the place, its culture and people. Learn a few of the local words, meeting people while traveling is a one of a kind experience.

    8 alleged drug personalities fall in Camarines Sur buy-busts | Inquirer News

    Being a responsible traveler needs respect not only to the place but most importantly to the locals. Everything else will follow if we start traveling with respect. We have a term here in Bicol "mag-makulog", it's like having a sense of empathy and care for someone or something even if it's not your own. Recently, I have seen a post on Twitter and Facebook of who seemed to be "proud" students who went on an outing somewhere in Albay and vandalized their group name, section?

    These kids may not have been mindful of their actions and from a point of view of a traveler like, it is a selfish act. We can never claim nature, we can never own them even just for a while. So why put your names and monikers on it?

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    So there you go guys, these are my top five 5 tips on how to travel responsibly. There are still so many ways, would you care to share your own too? Are you up for the challenge? I hope you are! Don't forget to also use the hashtags BicolBloggers and nagacitydeck and we'll gladly feature your photos or videos in our social media accounts. Related Post: Baao, Camarines Sur - Did you know that this municipality was well known for its "burda" embroidery during its early years? My mom, who hails from the Rinconada area though not in Baao but in Buhi, said that during her younger years, Baao was indeed well known for its craft especially in pillow cases, table runners and the like.

    We had the chance to rediscover Baao in the aspect of crafts and art in less than a day. An entrepreneur based in Baao, Bernadette de los Santos is on her way in reviving the industry that has long been forgotten by our current generation. But before we go to embroidery, first let's talk about La Huerta de Rosario. Owned and managed by Ms.

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    B, La Huerta is an agri-tourism destination here in Camarines Sur that sets it apart from the usual tourist destination. La Huerta de Rosario in Sta. Teresita Baao is technically a farm where guests can enjoy and experience harvesting crops and fresh produce. It doesn't end up to harvesting because you can have these produce cooked in the Rinconada way and enjoy them for merienda or lunch. The whole compound of La Huerta has a beautiful landscape.

    Pebbled walkway and pathways having an outline of huge gabi leaves I think will lead you to a hut with artworks on display and other antique wood works and bottles, this also serves as a dining area. Signage from Baao's old train station antique wood works at the dining area No walk-ins, just reservations. Now don't be surprised if La Huerta only accepts reservations.

    They want you to experience total relaxation and pampering. You can stay for a day or more for there are other amenities that can be arranged depending upon your needs. The farm has this La Casita de Teresa photo below , a back-to-basics facility that is very artsy and cozy. Just have things discussed with Ms. B prior to your stay or function and everything will be smooth sailing.

    Can you imagine yourself doing some artworks surrounded by greens and flowers plus the music of birds, crickets and whatnots? Surely nature can inspire you and squeeze out the creative juices in you. Now let's go back to embroidery. Baao Burda Initiatives is a social enterprise that provides livelihood to rural women of Baao while making sure the traditional embroidery skill lives on. While seminars on using recycled materials are common, Ms. B promotes the same cause of using reusable fabric bags. Indeed there is ingenuity in embroidery. Small things can create amazing pieces especially if they are handcrafted.

    These are the threads and yarns being used by the rural women. Embroidered by hands, moved by the heart. The Baao Burda Initiatives bags are so personal yet very meaningful. Your purchases will go a long way helping the women of Baao. Indeed it's better to teach the locals to be productive rather than dole out goods like we use to. Livelihood training takes place in La Huerta Farm where it's cozy, quiet and one with nature. All you can actually hear are birds chirping with the twigs and trees swaying with the wind.

    Visiting the farm is by appointment only. So better call Ms. B and book your visit in this lovely farm. So there, I hope you enjoyed my online mini-tour at La Huerta Farms. Remember, the basics and the traditional arts and skills are still the best when created for the future.

    Relax and unwind at La Huerta and be one with nature. Thank you Ms. B for the accommodation. Every corner of your haven is pure art with so much soul in it. May you continue to inspire people especially the women of Baao. Bernadette de Los Santos at Email: