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This strategic game was created for mobile devices in December. The player need to build buildings, as well as control virtual people in the game. Furthermore the player can choose one from nine careers for his Sim in the game. A Sim can be musician, athlete, artist or scientist.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats for iPhone/iPad

Also the hobbies are chosen for a Sim. For example it can be ghost hunter, figure skating, vaulting, spell casting or even bowling. There are many shops in The Sims FreePlay game. The player can build pet shop or supermarket as well as the salon for example. Also carreer buildings can be built. For example scholl, town hall, art gallery, recording studio or stadium.

A Sim has got six stages in the game: Screenshots iPhone iPad. Feb 11, Version 1.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English, Simplified Chinese. Jun 26th Guest Get all sims to plant. Turn on plane mode, change date, turn off plane mode, return to game. If doesn't work the first time, try again. It works. Jun 24th Guest don't work for ipad mini. Jun 19th Guest It doesn't work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But thanks anyways! Dec 26th Guest What's your sims freeplay version. Nov 10th Guest It didn't work and I have iOS 7 now so the settings r different so thx for nothing and I tried this 5 t primes and nothing ever happened but it turns night and day. Aug 29th Tiggyboo02 Why didn't it work??? Am I doing something wrong? I even wrote it down and still nothing!!!! Aug 27th Guest It didn't work and I tried 3 times Aug 21st Guest It's does not work at all I tried it twice thanks for nothing!!!! Jul 23rd Guest It's not working for me o. Jul 11th Guest This is one of the many cheats I use on my iPad mini and it does not work.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims FreePlay, The on iPhone iPod

May 15th Guest It worked great but it only worked once. May 4th Guest Omg thanx soo much!!! It works on my iPad mini!

Apr 26th Guest On my normal ipad it gave me 10 lp but no money. And all the crops were done. Apr 24th Guest On the iPad 2 it only made all of my Sims inspired! But thank you anyway I needed them to be inspired. Apr 24th Guest It worked on m mini but does any on no how to get lps on a mini. Apr 18th Guest Doesn't work on normal iPad?

Apr 18th Guest Didn't work. It didn't even show retry. Apr 15th Guest It works but only 5, and my plant is ready: Apr 14th Guest Omg this really worked.. Apr 14th Guest It didn't work I minus it but it got deleted.


Apr 13th Guest If I use this to speed my crops up at the same time I'm constructing something will it wreck it? Apr 13th Guest Only works like 3 times then messes things up the wifi and the connection. Apr 13th Guest Thank you this is the only one I could find that would work, but It only works like once every 3 times.

Thanks anyway. How do I get my baby's toilet bar gr.. It says to buy a kitchen benchtop???.. Sims FreePlay Sleepwear Event Im stuck on this Consult Teddy Bear.. Hogwarts Mystery Minecraft: San Andreas. FarmVille 2: