10 ios 7 tips tricks and timesavers

Posted 1 day ago — By Lucas Coll. If you're in the market for an iOS wearable, we've sniffed out the best Apple Watch deals available right now for all three models of this great smartwatch.

10 tips, tricks, and timesavers to get more out of iOS 7

Mobile How to perform a reverse image search in Android or iOS You can quickly use Google to search, and reverse search, images on a PC or laptop, but did you know it's almost as easy to do in Android and iOS? We explain how to do it here, whether you want to use Chrome or a third-party app. Posted 3 days ago — By Simon Hill. Home Theater Samsung Galaxy Buds first look: Ear candy or ear worm?

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  • 35 brilliant iOS 7 tips and tricks!
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  • 10 ios 7 tips tricks and timesavers?

Can Galaxy Buds snuff out the AirPods? Posted 4 hours ago — By Jeremy Kaplan. Posted 4 hours ago — By Simon Hill.

Make the most of iOS 10 with these killer tips and tricks

But it's the Galaxy S10 5G that steals the show as it's among the first 5G-ready smartphones to hit the market. Product Review Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones are its most refined yet. Be prepared to pay up Samsung has unveiled its lineup for its most popular smartphones, and it includes the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

iOS 10: Pro tips and tricks,

The two flagship phones boast hole-punch cameras, fingerprint sensors embedded in the display, and beefier batteries. Folding out from a 4. Block numbers from texting or calling you in iOS 7. How to share files on iOS 7 using AirDrop.

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  8. How to change Siri's voice in iOS 7. How to use Activation Lock in iOS 7. How to customize Notification Center's 'Today' view. Change the size of text in iOS 7 with one simple slider. How to view a timestamp for each message in Messages. How to see which iOS apps are popular nearby. Make iTunes Radio play more of what you want, less of what The Messages app will highlight the words you can swap out for an emoji in orange, and you can emojify a message by simply tapping on the words.

    Handy new iOS 10 tips and tricks to try out

    The best new iOS 10 features involve shortcuts to make your daily phone and tablet faster and easier, and there were a flurry of new time-savers announced at WWDC We've collected together a huge essential tips and tricks for using iOS 10, showing you fun things to do and easy productivity tips that can save you time when using your iOS 10 device - and a whole lot more. We've divided our iOS 10 tips into categories, so you can easily find the tip or trick that will make using iOS 10 even easier. Apple is constantly updating iOS 10 with new features and improvements it's already reached iOS If you're a long-time Apple user, you probably have more than one Apple device.

    Apple has done amazing things in making sure these device play well together, but this year it took things a step further -- letting you copy and paste content across devices. This could actually prove a lot more useful than it sounds. No longer will you be stuck with content on one device -- simply copy photos or text on one device, then paste it on another, all without any special commands or hard-to-learn features. Stop SMSing yourself that crucial bit of text or photo. It makes sense for content to live on multiple devices via the clipboard, and that's what will happen with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

    Apple's QuickType keyboard is getting significantly smarter in the new version of iOS -- it now understands context. What that means is that, for example, if a friend asks where you are, the keyboard will realize that and suggest you send location data, which you'll be able to do at the tap of a button. In fact, the keyboard will learn new works as time goes on, so if you type "bae" enough, it will realize not to change that to "bar. All in all, your keyboard is going to become a whole lot more helpful.

    Contacts and your location are just one tap away.

    10 Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers to Get More Out of iOS 7 | CIO

    A small new feature, but one you'll use everyday nonetheless. Until now, to access the camera you've had to slide from the bottom corner up.

    But now you'll be able to swipe from anywhere on the screen right to the left, which will automatically pull up the camera. It's a much bigger gesture target.

    iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features - TOP 25 LIST

    Like I said, this is a small change, but it could prove very useful. Why do people open the camera app in the first place? To capture a moment, and if opening the camera takes too long, that moment could be missed. That, or you just have to take that selfie as soon as possible. Apple understands how important quick access to the camera is -- that's why it included camera access from the lock screen in the first place. This update should make taking a snapshot that much easier. You won't need precision to get to the camera app as soon as possible -- simply take your phone out and swipe to it.

    Notifications are a great way to get a quick glance at something that has happened, whether that be getting a text, getting an email, or a reminder for an event. Rich notifications take that idea -- quick access to information -- and let you interact with that notification using 3D Touch.