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I find myself using an HTPC keyboard with a trackpad when that happens. As far as your internet speed, you should be fine with Mbps. For streaming, anything above Mbps is good enough for two concurrent streams in HD and a little extra for your other devices. Great article and discussion board, I read most of them. I did not read anything about the new Element Ti8 that came out recently. Any info or reviews on this device Tim?

I would like to be able to run kodi, netflix, Amazon video and such on the device. Hi Luis. Netflix, as you may remember , is really picky with what devices it lets run in HD and 4K. It all depends what is most important to you. However, I feel like I have the potential to watch a lot more. My biggest question is Does this box have the capability to for me to watch live local tv or live sporting events?

If you can answer the question I will figure out how. Thank you Soooooo much, Terry. There are several different ways of doing it. You can get different addons through Kodi, which may or may not be legal in your country. I live in Canada. I have the 4th gen Apple Tv, and thought I may install jodi on that. I think I should just by a fully loaded jodi box? Which one would you suggest? I would like to get free live tv with lots of live sports, including american channels. Please help! New here, and have been reading alot.

Any comments or suggestion for on the T95Z Plus, running 6. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. In this case, if same box integration for streaming media and watching live TV is important, than Aura and Sky Stream are your only true, simple out of the box choices. I agree Jayce. I got one of the new 16GB versions on the release day. Thanks Karim. U9-H will be delivered tomorrow… will let you know my opinion Tim, alternatively if the minix forum comes back online I will be providing support info there too! I would just like to watch Kodi on my tv. I need to know what device is the least expense but still great for downloading and watching Kodi without issues.

I downloaded Kodi and set it up on my android phone and my tablet along time ago. Can someone help me out. I would really appreciate it. Hey Tim! I have been reading the articles. And streaming movies is easy. Sports is always hit or miss for me.

Best New Streaming box - Chuwi HiBox - Windows 10 & Android 5.1 Dual OS - 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel

I either have a somewhat HD stream. Or glitchy sub par blocky stream. I have a 2g box with 2. I have it directly hard wired on my Ethernet. And have broadband ! So I want a box where I can stream any content without buffering and blocky issues. Like I said. Movies and tv are easy with exodus on pretty much any half decent box.

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But not until I find a reliable set up. I have no idea what this means. Is this a fact? Will I need to unlock it somehow or is that false? It would seem to me if I purchase a product directly from the manufacturer it should come ready to operate once plugged in and hooked up. Thank you, SJ. I just plug in the dongle and navigate with a wireless mouse and type addresses for add-ons from my wireless keyboard. Maybe you should add Bluetooth to your checklist.

Pretty sad day for me -My 2 year old M8s ott box just died refuses to power up Totally ready for the Dustbin. Hi Joice. You might want to start with my Kodi Setup Guide here. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! Hi Corey. They just slap their logo on the top and ship it out. I prefer to have a channel list rather than Kodi. User-friendly for my family, in my opinion. Hope you will excuse an uneducated question from a confirmed ludite. Is it possible to configure a Kodi capable box on a wireless home network to transmit to all our devices in our case 4 TV and 3 computers?

Hi Dartell. Technology advances are a two edged sword. There are a lot of old junk boxes flooding the market right now. The only real difference I see is in the boot up time, with Nvidia the clear winner. For the price difference, it may not be worth it for most folks.

Is buying an android tv box means a one-time payment investment only? I came across this site beastboxstreaming. Hi Lorraine. This looks to be another box seller trying to overcharge for old tech. All our software does is provide links to content that is already posted on the internet. We do not host any content, nor do we know who does. We do not promote illegal conduct of any kind. Then my only question is why would anyone pay almost 3 times the going rate for streaming devices when they link to stuff that you could find for free anyway?

Bottom line: This is another scam like StreamSmart and SmartKodi. Save your money and get one of the boxes on this list. This is an excellent list. However where is the Beelink GT1? Its a great little device with an Amlogic Octa Core. Plays 4K like a beauty. Yeah Tim: Where is the GT1. Ive had mine for a few months and love it. Thus Far. I do have a question for you though, is there a way to find out when you added reviews, blogs, information?

Everything i read anywhere on your site, i have no idea if its 13 months old, or if im actually reading something that is about current events. I own a few boxes the NVidia shield pro first gen great box but had issues with iptv , I also have the himedia q10 love this box for everything and I love the storage on this box my main unit is the egreat a10 it plays everything with no issues, and I also bought the skystream one for my parents as they are not techie plus at not bad bad price plus they really have a great help desk for people to use , I am looking to buy a new box for my family room but still looking for something better then the egreat a What do you think of StreamDaddy?

I purchased one two years ago for just under bucks at a state fair. I did so because I knew people who had purchased one the year before and were still happy with it. Is it dumb for me to think I have paid 30 bucks for the box and for the support for the last two years and counting? I can barely figure out my wireless internet https: Good lord the StreamDaddy box is expensive!

I just bought an Element Ti8 box. Have a 4K TV. I am looking to buy a second box and would like to know which ones are excellent for a 4K TV. I am a novice and not very literate re the android boxes. I would like one which comes set up and easy to manage. Would very much appreciate your advice. This is a Q for Tim. Netflix streams good video, but I do receive audio dropouts as I must have the std. DD for DVD, i.

UT has mediocre compressed audio, but the video often pixelates when the neighbourhood children are still gaming and chatting before the inevitable parental tuckin. Think of it just like downloading a movie file to your PC to watch later. Sorry this is a total noob question.. My question is, is it worth the money to pay for a nicer box I know the answer to that to be honest but will you still have to pay someone else to babysit the box for you?

I see Rveal u can buy the box and service and not have to worry about it but is the price tag worth it? I imagine these boxes date themselves as fast as computers do… We are a live sports family living in Canada and just want to watch hockey games hah. What do u suggest. Thanks so much!! You can get a good box without spending a ton of money. You are right about the boxes getting dated quickly though. I feel you with watching hockey — Go Habs.

Need a good quality box s for a church setup. Any recommendations? But, if you want to sideload an Android app , I have a tutorial for that. Interesting insight and well put. Not looking for a fuss, just your opinion. The X10 looks decent. Specs are good and the price is in-line with many of the other boxes. They could be awesome. They could be terrible. It has a message that says the mediabox launcher has stopped try again, when I do it says the mediabox launcher keep stopping? ZERO in return. I mean is there anything worse than ROKU 3?!

No 4K so 4K is not the requirement. I asked both companys, and both replied very quickly to me question.

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Not at all Susan. From a hardware perspective, the T95Z is a good box, but it can be tough to get any support after the sale. In all likelihood, the way it is now is the way it will always be. I have a StreamsmartTV that i got 5 yrs ago and now it emms they have sold out and there 50 Streamsmart out there, plus no back up service. I would like to purchase one if its ok. I was sidelined by the Zidoo X10, but it seemed hard to get, and not that well supported.

Streaming Box or PC? Which is Better For Online Video

I am interested to buy the Nvidia shield for me and the Skystream 2 for my parents, will they work in Europe. I live on a small island in Malta. You are sharing a big list of android boxes here but my question is that which is cheapest one and work better among all these. My problem is: I have a H9 TV Box 4k. This does not happen in my Android tablets.

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Do you think that any of these TV Boxes will solve this problem? Sorry for my poor English, short thanks for your analysis on your choice of tv box, I too am looking for a fast box tv opening fluid that does not freeze and USB 3. Hi, do you recomand: Hi Tim, I am considering replacing my mimic neo 8h and I am a little conflicted given the excellent selection of options on the market.

Price difference is minimal between them and the various reviews I have read or seen have not really helped me decide which one to go for. Any suggestions? Hi Tim, a couple of years a go you and others had raving reviews about the Minix Neo U1, it was rated just below the shield, Minix had a great support structure and a very helpful forum, unfortunately that is no longer the case,based on the reviews i purchased a MINIX neo U1 , the box worked great till couple of months a go, now I cant access the setting page any more, when I press on setting it just flickers and stays on the apps or home page, everything else works fine but without the settings page it will be impossible in the future to manage the box, I tried contacting Minix trough the help page on their website but got no response, doing a Google search of the problem shows that others are having the same problem after an update.

When I first started with android boxes, I got the Matricom G-box q. It was ok, but required alot of resetting because it would hang. I now have a minix u1 and u9. With that in mind i purchased nvidia.


Tunein radio app version on play store did not have a version that allow you to login so you could play favorite channels. I am one of those suckers that bought the bulebox s4 from streamsmart and sorry to say I now have a paper weight.. It totally disconnect the box from tvapp store where you have to go to get the update and of course it comes back no results. I called the number save your time then told me the only thing I could do was buy another box at a discount.. Hell no, turns out they refuse to even tell me how I could revive my box. Everyong stay away from streamstart now called stream station..

Not happy at all. Your email address will not be published. Quick Look at Our Top Pick: Shop Now. The powerful, super easy to use Android box SkyStream Three is our top choice. I am think of getting one of these thanks for the info and leads!! Let us know which one you get.

Thanks for your comment! You did subscribe to my YouTube channel, right? Thanks for the comments! Free streaming of just about anything Newbie needing advice. Check out my initial thoughts on the Voyo V2 mini-PC here. Twist my arm…. Can some one tell me what tv box is the best for watching movies and sport please. Which should I purchase? You need to add the new M8S to this list I think!

Tim, Really appreciate the article — i had an MK stick before but I was having too many issues with wifi and power. Thanks, Kevin. Thanks for your comment. What about Matricom g-box q are those any good? Great question! I'm running plex on a Ubuntu server in a VM. Don't think you need a decent GPU as it will only play video.

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Coms Hands down the mini pc i always just use the Android box for the less technically minded. Naruto Remix is awesome but i would probably run win10 for simplicity. Its just to run "the K word" anyway. I also use streaming music. I got myself a xiaomi mi box. Which runs android tv that has google cast built in.

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