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Here are some more excellent apps and games you might like! WWE 2K Price: It tries to emulate the console experience. It's not overly successful, but it comes closer than most other mobile games. It features a decent roster of wrestlers, a career mode, training modes, and a bunch of unlockable content. It also boasts an online multiplayer mode. However, given its age, we wouldn't recommend buying it for that purpose because there probably aren't a ton of people playing these days. Make sure to thoroughly test it inside of the refund time to make sure it works properly on your device.

WWE Champions Price: Free with in-app purchases. WWE Champions is a puzzle-fighter hybrid. It features a match-three mechanic. You simply match three shapes of any type. Doing so will cause your superstar to perform moves. The first one with a depleted health bar loses.

5 best WWE games with free download for Android

It's a little cheesy for a game around an entertainment medium about fighting. However, it does do a good job killing a few minutes. The freemium aspect is a little bit unsavory, though. Otherwise, it's one of the simpler WWE games. WWE Mayhem Price: WWE Mayhem is an arcade wrestling game.

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It features a bunch of WWE superstars, simple controls, and some fun game play mechanics. You collect various superstars, wrestle them, and more.

5 best WWE games with free download for Android

There are weekly events, tag team matches, online multiplayer, and some other fun stuff. It's not as good as console games and you don't have that level of freedom. However, it's another good mobile time killer. There are a bunch of freemium elements that make the game less fun, but otherwise it's not horrible.

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WWE Immortals Price: There's access to the latest wrestling news , short video clips of interviews and matches that can be watched horizontally, an enormous library of photos, and an incredibly detailed library of wrestler bios. The amount of information on past and present wrestlers is staggering. Each wrestler has a detailed biography that includes their personal biography, professional history, fighting style, and even their entrance video.

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  • Streaming live matches. This also applies to the original programming, classic matches, and the second screen feature. The WWE plans to roll out the app to countries in Europe sometime this year. The quality of the live video is excellent and an innovation in television. So far, the WWE is handling the high volume of HD traffic very well and outside of the bumps expected of a new video streaming app, there haven't been too many reports of delays. The amount of original programs is a good start, but it remains to be seen if it continues to be updated with fresh programming.

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    In total, there's an impressive hours of ondemand video. Second screen is an interesting feature which delivers extra content to your phone while watching a WWE event. This could include backstage interviews , match continuations, or polls which affect live events. Granted, it may not be available on the Play Store anymore but that fact does little to take away the awesome factor of WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse sees you play as the Rock which is pretty darn obvious by now on a mission to obliterate enemy forces who have taken control of his film set, which is conveniently called Studio WWE 2k17 roster — all confirmed wrestlers.

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    Loaded with some excellent graphics and sleek player movements, Wrestling Revolution 3D is perfectly capable of holding its own when pitted against its peers. Not only does Wrestling Revolution 3D enable you to play as a wrestler but also allows you to be a bookie and handle the backstage side of things. Packed with amazing graphics and some cool fighting moves, Real Wrestling 3D promises the excitement of wrestling and the intensity of MMA in one strong package. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience.

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