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Posted Mon 26 Aug 13 5: I do alot of mobile gigs.

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I would be the only person touching or using it. The latency is actually not bad. I am just testing to see the functionality of it. I will still use my controller at the clubs for the heavier mixing. I down loaded all the touch screen skins and I am testing them. I will post my findings once complete. Posted Mon 26 Aug 13 7: I was like WTF, then I saw the snot lol. Posted Mon 26 Aug 13 2: People at my place are just there to bowl and hear their favorite songs. My next system will be multi touch so I dont need an external cross fader. It is quite difficult to fade a song and hit play on single touch.

Posted Mon 26 Aug 13 3: It is the operating system that has to support multi touch.

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Posted Mon 26 Aug 13 9: Thanks for clarifying Posted Tue 27 Aug 13 7: I do this with a desktop pc but i think the results may be the same.. I love the advantages that the multipoint touchscreen provides.

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I have been around for 33 years and there is a tactile feel, it is just different. Regarding latency, you just need to adjust it. It is a simple thing to do in Windows 8 and when done correctly, outperforms controllers. When looking for a touchscreen try to find one without a bezel. Windows 8 uses the sides and corners for certain functions and a bezel can get in the way.

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Also, with the larger screen, it is easier to work with video. No squinting. Still need to tweak the skin that I am using. I do keep a backup keyboard and mouse for emergencies. Just like when I switched from turntables to CDs, switching to a Touchscreen requires practice and a new skill set.

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Just like everything else, some people will hate you for using a touchscreen; however, each person has to decide what works best for them. For my venues, mobile, this is what works for me and permits me to perform at my best. My touchscreen uses usb3. So far no issues with people, but I am working on a plexiglass shield for certain high risk venues. One that doesn't use a turntable on the touchscreen but a slide screen to be able to match beats better. I figure since I have a touch screen it would be easier to just have a slide to move the song forward or back.

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But if that functionality doesn't exist I can use my touch screen to use on the turntable. I've tried mixx but not loving it. I'm looking for something like DJay but for Windows Thanks.

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Is this what you mean? Virtual DJ has been touch aware for a long time and has skins that make it easier to use with touch screen. I do many weddings with only my laptop and Virtual DJ without a controller. Here is such a skin.

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