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Using Samsung Mail App to connect to my Office account works but everyday I get an e-mail notice that I need to update device security settings. I activate but the next day, I get the same notice all over again. The device overall was setup on first boot with a Gmail account.

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Go to Solution. Making some progress. Not sure what actually caused the improvements so far but here's what I did. Noticed all expected permissions were turned on except for Location. Turned on Locations for Email app.

Looked at All Permissions from the dropdown menu, top right. At some time later, got another Update Security Settings for Email notice.

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Did so. After "activating," was browsing Device Administrator permissions and now noticed that Samsung Email was granted permission as a Device Administrator had never seen there before. Now my problem boils down to this. Still seem to be getting periodic Update Security Settings notifications for O account in question. No matter what, if I create a new e-mail to that account, a new Calendar appointment, or a new Contact, they always come through to my Galaxy Note 8 and being in the respective Samsung apps, are synched to my Gear S3 Frontier watch.

However, here's the major problem still remaining. For some unknown reason, appointments in the Calendar already synched will just up and disappear entirely after a while.

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When that happens, newly created ones will still sync over and still appear on the Note 8 until the next disappearance event as will new Contacts and new e-mails created to be in or go to the O account. In the security requirements, they made me add a PIN, password, or lock gesture to the device; I had one previously but removed it due to a security app I was using and which I was planning to dump anyway. As for the new permissions, one was the ability to wipe my device if it were lost or stolen.

Scared me a good deal when I saw that. Middleboro, MA Ratings: OldFatGuy New Member. Sep 28, Messages: That doesn't answer anything really. It says: I am getting email and I checked with my Exchange Admin and all is well as far as they are concerned. I get email all day long - it's just that I also get this annoying pop-up every time I power on the phone or email gets restarted.

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Does anyone have a real answer, like what needs to be checked or changed or whatever the case may be? Droids Member.

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Nov 23, Messages: I get the same prompt anytime I reboot the phone. I just have to verify the settings and click ok to it. Only occurs after a reboot which is rare. It's annoying and I consider it a bug since there is no actual security change needed. Haven't found a fix so I live with it, for now.

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Jul 30, Messages: PA Ratings: I just helped a co-worker with this issue yesterday, at least I was able to get it to work yesterday haven't checked with her yet today. What I did was make sure that there was a check mark in both of the security options, I think one was to use SSL and the other was to accept certificates again, I believe these were the options, but I selected both. After doing that, I choose to continue and it verified the account, but the error message popped up in the notification bar again.

I then went back into the exchange setup, verified the account settings, didn't change anything just continued with the process and everything started to work. If this is of no help, I can try to get her phone when I get out of the meeting I am about to go to, and see if I missed something. Good Luck. Oct 12, Messages: Iowa Ratings: I resolved it by doing the following Once that is done, setup your account again. Aug 21, Messages: